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PhoneCards FAQ
 What is a pre paid phone card?
 Why should I use a phone card?
 How do I use my phone card?
 What is the difference between a free number and local number?
 Does my phone card work abroad?
 How do I find access and support number for my phone card?
 What is the expiration date of my phone card?
 Do rates differ depending on time and day of the week?
 How do I search for a phone card?
 How do I buy / order a phone card?
 What is connection fee and how does it work?
 For how long is my card valid?
 How do I know how many minutes are left on the card?
 How can I order cards you don’t sell?
 Why should I register with your site?
 What if I don’t get my PIN in the email?
 I lost my PIN. How do I get it back?
 I forgot my password, how can I find it?
Membership/My Phonecards.se Account Ordering and Shopping Cart
 Why should I register?
 How do I change/edit My Account password and other information?
 I forgot my password and/or username, how can I find it?
 What will be my information be used for?
 Where can I find my transaction history?
 How do I buy phone card?
 What is PayNova Wallet?
 Is there a limit on number of phone cards that I can purchase?
 How can I order out of stock cards?
 How long will it take to receive my PIN and card information?
 What is the Return Policy of Phonecards.se?
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 Lost or Invalid PIN
 Exchange and Return Policy
 Phone card problems
 Other Questions / Issues
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