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Help - Phonecards

  What is a pre paid phone card?
Phone cards, are a prepaid method of making a long distance (domestic or international) call. By using a pre-paid phone card you make amazing savings your long distance phone bill. These cards generally 60-90% cheaper than traditional rental landline call rates.

There are no monthly bills or detailed statements to worry about. Rather, you simply buy a phonecard worth 50, 100 or 150 kronars and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls. The card balance diminishes according to the rate for the country or destination number you are calling.

  Why should I use a phone card?
There are many advantages with using a phone card. To name a few:

- They are often much cheaper than long distance service providers
- They are cheaper than your local phone company.
- They are cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls
- You can budget your long distance calling costs.
- If you are international student or traveller with short visits, it gives you considerable savings in calling home to friends and family. Dialling phone card’s free-phone access numbers allows you to bypass the hotel or university system. You can also use your mobile phone without actually increasing your mobile bill (use free numbers for mobile phone).
- There are no monthly bills or statements. Rather, you simply pay for the calling time in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls.

  How do I use my phone card?
It is very easy to use a phone card; here are the steps to follow:

1. Dial the Local/free/mobile access number provided.
2. When prompted, enter your PIN number or authorization code
3. When prompted, dial the destination number: For Domestic national calls 0 + Area Code + Number, International calls 00 + Country Code + City Code + Number*

* Most of the card companies have similar steps with small variations, so check the calling instructions given in the email with PIN code.

  What is the difference between a free number (020..) and local number?
To call a toll free number such as 020… it cost nothing and the phone card company provides this service. And thus the phone card rates with using the free number are usually less than using the local number. Whereas when use a local number like 018 number or 08 number depending where you live in Sweden, you pay the local call rate to your land line provider.

  Does my phone card work abroad?
No, currently we don’t have phone cards, which you can use outside Sweden. But we are working on providing phone cards that can be used when travelling abroad.

  How do I find access and support number for my phone card?
All the card information including access and customer support numbers is given when you click on a particular card. Plus, when you purchase your phone card, we display it on your screen so that you can write it down or print it. In addition, we email the card information to you with your PIN code.

  What is the expiration date of my phone card?
Every Phone Card has a different expiry date. You can find the expiry date for your card by clicking on the particular card at our website and it is provided under the title ‘Card Info’. But it usually expires in 3-6 months after first use.

  Do rates differ depending on time and day of the week?
No. The Phone cards at our website have same rates 24 Hours a day, 7 days a Week. We strive to maintain up to date information about rates on our website as carriers and service providers reserves the right to change rates any time, thus it is recommended to check with customer service of the service provider of card for up to date rates information.