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Help - Ordering and Shopping cart

  How do I buy phone card?
Searching for a phone card at Phonecards.se is a very easy and simple process. There are a couple of ways you can search for a phone card.

One way to find a phone card is to click on the Cards tab that you can find in the top menu on each page. In our Cards page you will find all the cards available on our website and just click and pick your favourite card.

Another way to find a phone card is to click on the Rates tab that you can find next to the Cards tab in the top menu on each page. Just choose what calling device you will be using, whether you’re using a local telephone or your mobile phone and then the country and/or city you wish to call and press search. The following page will display the best rates/cards available to call your destination. Here you can click and select the card you wish to buy.


  What is Paynova Wallet? Is it secure to pay with Paynova?
Paynova is a digital wallet, used for online shopping or for transfering funds into someone else´s wallet. It looks and works like a regular wallet. It's easy to fill the wallet with money, simply transfer cash from your account or credit card. All you need to transfer funds into someone else’s Wallet is the e-mail address the recipient uses for his or her Wallet. It's secure, fast and easy! The Paynova Wallet is free of charge. You can deposit funds, pay and transfer funds to other people’s Wallets.


  Is there a limit on number of phone cards that I can purchase?
At one time you can buy maximum 5 cards only. But if you wish to buy more than 5 cards, either you have to buy it in second transaction or contact us to get special bulk order price.


  How can I order out of stock cards?
We try to refill our stocks at the earliest possible opportunity and our system informs us each time a card type has gone out of stock. So please be patient and your favourite phone card will be available ASAP. In addition you can always send us an email at support@phonecards.se.


  How long will it take to receive my PIN and card information?
As soon as your transaction is successful, we will send an email with PIN code and other information to the email account entered by you for delivery.


  What is the Return Policy of Phonecards.se?
All sales are final. Once you have received your PIN code, no money will be refunded.